Remain Efficiently Mobile While Using Crutches

That fractured portion of the leg is reset to the normal position by a orthopedic surgeon. Some injuries require the bone to be reset multiple times because the structure heals improperly. After surgery, the area where the bone was inured will be wrapped in a cast and allowed to harden.

The cast helps to immobilize the leg from moving so that the reset bone heals properly. The average amount of time it takes for the bone to heal may take between sixteen to eighteen weeks. This time varies and may be extended because of several factors or interruptions in the healing process including: existing health of the patient, nutrition levels in the body, pre-existing diseases like diabetes and frequency of activity of the surgery site. While the bone is healing, it also takes approximately twelve to eighteen months for the bone to remodel into a stronger bone.

The crutches help to assist these patients in moving around while keeping the fractured bone immobile. Many patients consider walking on crutches a hassle because they do not have a free hand to hold other items. They may need the assistance of another person to carry their books, food, paperwork, laptops and other items if both hands are operating the crutches. To help these patients become more efficient, crutch bags help to aide in the process of the patient becoming more independent.

The crutch bags are designed to attach onto a crutch easily. The bag has several deep pockets that may hold important items the patient carries around and utilizes throughout the day. All of their personal items can be easily toted in the bags without having to burden another person to bring the item to them or follow them around until they get to their next destination. The bag may be attached at the underarm or handgrip. It comes in many colors to match the personality of the patient as well as their outfit of the day.

The pockets of the bag allow the patient to reach all of the components easily and without overly stretching to dig around to finally locate what he is looking for. The size of the top pocket is ideal for holding eyeglasses, remote controls, medicine, sanitary items, small notebooks, phones, books and water bottles. The bottom pocket can hold car keys for easy accessibility, garage door openers, identification, credit cards and cash. All of the bags are also durable so that they may be washed in a washing machine. The bags also are adjustable to be a “one size fits all” capacity so that it may be used with: children, toddler, adult and geriatric crutches support apparatuses. The bags are also easily interchangeable amongst walkers, wheel chairs and hospital beds.