How To Choose the Right Model For You

Looking for the right NordicTrack Incline Trainer? These new types of treadmills are hot right now – mainly because you can burn up to 5 times the calories as you could versus walking on a regular treadmill.

And yet, you can still choose to use them as a regular treadmill – or as a high incline trainer. So you really get 2 machines in one. This explains their popularity.

NordicTrack currently makes 3 different models of incline trainers – the X7i, the X9i and the X11i. This leaves many people wondering – what’s the difference? And which one is better for you?

Well, each one has their benefits and would suit a different type of exerciser. Here’s a rundown of the main differences between them to help you make a more informed decision:

#1 Price

The X7 is the simplest one in the series – so it tends to be the most affordable, coming in around $1600. The X9 is the next model up and runs around $1999, followed by the X11 which is the premium machine in the series running around $2999.

The thing to be aware of is that all incline trainers still give you up to 40{cf86c5ad91905d3000d3118c438f54fc5b6223898bc50ae08477bb4da26cbb7e} incline – so you get the main benefit of these machines (incline training) which each machine no matter which model you choose.

#2 Console

This is one of the main differences between the trainers. The X9 and X11 come with full color consoles with touch screens and built-in web browsers.

So you can surf the net, read emails, watch YouTube videos and more while you workout. If you tend to get bored during workouts, this is a great option.

The X7 does not have the web browser or full color screen. It only has a dual color screen – which for many people can be a bit dull.

#3 Decline

All NordicTrack incline trainers have decline as well as the incline. However the X7 only gives you 3{cf86c5ad91905d3000d3118c438f54fc5b6223898bc50ae08477bb4da26cbb7e} decline whereas the X9 and X11 gives you 6{cf86c5ad91905d3000d3118c438f54fc5b6223898bc50ae08477bb4da26cbb7e} decline.

#4 iFit LIVE

iFit is an online subscription based service that comes with all of the trainers (yearly subscription is extra). You don’t have to use it – but it does offer some really fun benefits.

For example you can download new workouts from Jillian Michaels. You can run famous trails all over the world and watch actual landmarks pass you by in the screen. You can also track you activity over time and set new goals.

iFit LIVE comes built-in with the X9 and X11 models. Whereas with the X7 you have to buy the extra module to try it.