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How To Choose the Right Model For You

Looking for the right NordicTrack Incline Trainer? These new types of treadmills are hot right now – mainly because you can burn up to 5 times the calories as you could versus walking on a regular treadmill.

And yet, you can still choose to use them as a regular treadmill – or as a high incline trainer. So you really get 2 machines in one. This explains their popularity.

NordicTrack currently makes 3 different models of incline trainers – the X7i, the X9i and the X11i. This leaves many people wondering – what’s the difference? And which one is better for you?

Well, each one has their benefits and would suit a different type of exerciser. Here’s a rundown of the main differences between them to help you make a more informed decision:

#1 Price

The X7 is the simplest one in the series – so it tends to be the most affordable, coming in around $1600. The X9 is the next model up and runs around $1999, followed by the X11 which is the premium machine in the series running around $2999.

The thing to be aware of is that all incline trainers still give you up to 40{cf86c5ad91905d3000d3118c438f54fc5b6223898bc50ae08477bb4da26cbb7e} incline – so you get the main benefit of these machines (incline training) which each machine no matter which model you choose.

#2 Console

This is one of the main differences between the trainers. The X9 and X11 come with full color consoles with touch screens and built-in web browsers.

So you can surf the net, read emails, watch YouTube videos and more while you workout. If you tend to get bored during workouts, this is a great option.

The X7 does not have the web browser or full color screen. It only has a dual color screen – which for many people can be a bit dull.

#3 Decline

All NordicTrack incline trainers have decline as well as the incline. However the X7 only gives you 3{cf86c5ad91905d3000d3118c438f54fc5b6223898bc50ae08477bb4da26cbb7e} decline whereas the X9 and X11 gives you 6{cf86c5ad91905d3000d3118c438f54fc5b6223898bc50ae08477bb4da26cbb7e} decline.

#4 iFit LIVE

iFit is an online subscription based service that comes with all of the trainers (yearly subscription is extra). You don’t have to use it – but it does offer some really fun benefits.

For example you can download new workouts from Jillian Michaels. You can run famous trails all over the world and watch actual landmarks pass you by in the screen. You can also track you activity over time and set new goals.

iFit LIVE comes built-in with the X9 and X11 models. Whereas with the X7 you have to buy the extra module to try it.

Role of Apps and Closer Patient Connections

Perhaps you’ve heard skeptics say that wearables will stay relegated to monitoring our heart rates or blood pressure while doing cardio exercise. Nobody said it should stop there, and the potential for wearables in healthcare marketing is an open book, including for plastic surgeons.

Everything is already in place on the Apple Watch to compellingly market your plastic surgery practice to new or existing patients. At the same time, you also have a new device for easier communication with new or current patients to help provide what they typically search for in cosmetic surgery.

What elements of the Apple Watch could help you connect better with your prospective or future patients? As many tools as there are, you still have to think of the screen width and how well viewers view your marketing content.

The Role of Apps on the Apple Watch

Using apps on the Apple Watch is a common activity as much as on smartphones. While you do have a smaller screen on the Apple Watch, many people track their health on specialized apps. However, how many apps have you seen on the device that provide inside information on different conditions?

The potentials here of medical practices creating apps that track or provide educative information is very eye-opening. Creating an app for your own plastic surgery practice has the same kind potential in providing information and revealing what patients want.

In this instance, you could create a tracker that monitors what people prefer in the way of plastic surgery procedures. By accumulating this information, you have a real-time way of determining what types of procedures are the most popular and what kind of results patients demand.

You also should provide information in your app about each procedure and what’s involved. As with all apps, the simpler you make its use, the better. This could happen through an easy search box letting people find what they want done (in laymen terms) that leads them to a video or quick summary about what’s involved.

Better Connectivity with Patients

The Apple Watch already has a tool called HealthKit (also integrates with Apple’s ResearchKit) that allows the sharing of information on health apps to your local health provider. While most of these functions are for people with chronic illnesses, don’t eliminate other possibilities. It’s important to stay connected with your current patients as much as you can for updates on new plastic surgery procedures you offer, or information on new techniques.

Four Health Boosting Tools To Help You Improve Your Fitness

There are items you can purchase and begin to use that will, without a doubt, help take your fitness and nutrition level up a notch.

While none of these are essential to start seeing results, they are going to help you go that extra mile.

Let’s look at the top health boosting tools to consider…

1. A Fitness Tracker. The first great tool to think about is a fitness tracker. There are many different options available for these, and you simply wear them on your body as you move around throughout the course of the day.

By day’s end, you can see how many steps you have taken, how many calories you have burned, and some even tell you how well you are sleeping.

While all of this should be taken as an estimation only, it still gives you an excellent glimpse into how you are moving and what you need to be doing for maximum body weight control.

2. A Food Scale. Next, also look into purchasing a food scale. It is vital you are weighing and measuring the foods you are eating on a daily basis as this will help you get a firm assessment of precisely how many calories you are consuming.

A food scale will help take the guesswork out of fat loss because when you use one, you will know exactly where you stand regarding your energy intake. Often those who fail to see weight loss progress do so because they are not accurately tracking their food intake.

3. Skin Calipers. The third tool to put into place is a pair of skin calipers. These are ideal for assessing your overall body composition without using bathroom scales. Bathroom scales, while helpful at times, can give you misleading information as it does not take into account lean muscle mass versus fat mass. And, it is critical you know the difference.

Even if you are not trained to use skin calipers, you can still get a pretty good estimation of where you stand by using a set.

4. Walking Shoes. Finally, the last tool is a basic one – walking shoes. The more you walk, the more you lose. Don’t underestimate the benefits of walking throughout the day. It is important you are moving more throughout the course of the day and having a good pair of walking shoes on can go a long way to encourage this.

Do you have these four tools in place in your program? If not, now is the time to get them, so you are maximizing your results.

Trainer X7i Review

The NordicTrack incline trainer X7i is the most affordable version of the popular incline trainer treadmills. Incline trainers are popular for one main reason – they give you up to 40{cf86c5ad91905d3000d3118c438f54fc5b6223898bc50ae08477bb4da26cbb7e} incline.

And this high incline walking practically incinerates calories. In fact, according to the manufacturer, you can burn 5 times more calories on an incline trainer than on a flat plane treadmill.

So people looking to lose weight very fast like these kinds of treadmills. The X7 is a bit more streamline and simpler than the X9i or the X11i models.

So is it right for you? Here’s a review of the pros and cons to help you decide:

Pro #1 High Incline and Decline

This is the main benefit of the X7. You can go from 0 to 40{cf86c5ad91905d3000d3118c438f54fc5b6223898bc50ae08477bb4da26cbb7e} incline – or anywhere in between to build in high calorie burning intervals into your workout.

The incline trainer X7i also has a 3{cf86c5ad91905d3000d3118c438f54fc5b6223898bc50ae08477bb4da26cbb7e} decline option to add in even more cross-training challenge to your workout.

Pro #2 Extra Long Belt

The problem with older incline trainers like the X3 for example was that the belts were made very short. That made sense at the time since the incline trainer was originally only aimed at walkers.

But a lot of people wanted to run on these machines. After all, they’re just like a treadmill – but with a really high incline.

So NordicTrack lengthened the belt on the X7i to 60 inches. This gives you a lot of room to run or stretch out.

Pro #3 Backlit Console

The console is dual color and easy to read. There’s a scrolling message board that leads you through the next steps to your workout.

There’s also an iPod dock with speakers so you can listen to your favorite tunes. And a dual speed console fan to keep you cool.

Pro #4 Tablet Holder

NordicTrack has added a new tablet holder above the console to the new model this year. You can attach your tablet and watch your favorite shows or movies as you walk.

This adds even more entertainment options into the mix that will make your workouts go by faster.

Pro #5 iFit LIVE

The NordicTrack incline trainer X7i comes iFit LIVE compatible. iFit LIVE connects to the Internet and you can easily track your workouts over time or download brand new workouts to your treadmill.

Plus, you can also run famous trails all over the world – from Paris to Hawaii – and watch real life landmarks pass you by.

Note however that since the console is only dual color on this machine, if you want to use this feature you have to connect to iFit with your tablet and watch it that way.

Nordictrack Freestrider Trainer FS9i

The big advantage to the Freestride trainer is that it’s like a new and improved elliptical trainer. Instead of the traditional crank-connected pedal, it uses a floating suspension system.

This takes away the traditional limits of a set stride length that you get with standard ellipticals. So you can basically set your own stride length – up to 38 inches (the traditional elliptical stride is about 18 – 20 inches).

You actually set the stride yourself by how hard and in what direction you push down on the pedals. So you can do short stair-climbing strides, longer jogging strides or even longer hurdling type strides.

This means you can constantly change your motion – and ultimately get a much more effective workout overall.

The Freestride Trainer FS9i also comes with an incline and decline option that other models don’t have to add even more crosstraining to your workouts. Incline and decline changes the slope of your running path and it’s excellent for adding in more crosstraining challenge and burning more calories.

Another benefit to this trainer is that you get the largest full-color web browser that Nordictrack makes (a full 10 inches). You can surf the net as you workout, read emails or catch up on the latest business news. This is a great way to stay entertained (or distracted) as you workout.

And this trainer also integrates with iFit LIVE. So you can go online and download new workouts to your machine or track your workouts stats over time.

You can also choose to run famous trails all over the world – from Hawaii to Paris to Sydney. Actual landmarks pass you by in the console screen for a virtual reality feel to your workout – very cool.

The Nordictrack Freestride Trainer FS9i also has incline and resistance controls on the moving arm bars, something you don’t find on the FS5i model. So you can change your resistance or incline from the moving arm bars, without having to reach up to the console (and stop your upper body workout).
A final benefit to this machine is that you also get more resistance levels than the other models – so there’s more room to grow and challenge yourself as you get in better shape.

So those are some of the main pros of the Nordictrack FS9i Freestrider – are there any drawbacks?

Well, the only main drawback is that this is a luxury machine at a luxury price. Coming in over $2000 it’s not for the buyer on a budget. If you want the benefits of the Freestride trainer design for a more affordable price, you may want to go with the simpler FS5i model which comes in about $1000 less.

Fitness And Regulate Your Body Calorie

Whether you choose from the Fitbit brand, or you choose the Garmin Vivosmart, they just give you enough moments to track and measure your fitness, to stay fit and free from ailments.

Most fitness trackers have options for monitoring heart beat rate and they also have sleep tracking modes as well as provisions for giving you smart notifications about how to conduct your daily exercise routine.

These trackers are simple and easy to wear, as you can wear them just as you do, in case of your wristbands, adding much to your style quotient.
Top 4 fitness wristbands in 2016 that you can choose from online portals:

The jawbone UP3: There are many fitness wristbands online, but if you choose this one, then you can have the best sleep monitoring features. Apart from measuring the respiration rate and the blood pressure. This tracker can furnish you with both light and deep forms of sleep statistics, and you can use this fitness band for your regular and routine activities.

The Microsoft band 2 for running: Among most notable fitness trackers, this product from Microsoft is a fine blend of style and complete utility. It looks stylish, sleek and up-to-date, and it is recharged with all the modern features like accurate tracking of run, sleep and exercise, 24×7 heart rate monitoring and advanced GPS notifications, that make your fitness quotient quite enviable to most around you.

The Garmin Vivosmart HR: It is the best fitness tracker for notifications. With advanced optical systems that operated fully to give you the ultimate fitness tracking guide, this band is the ideal one, if you want to stay alert about your daily fitness activities. This device is available at a decent price, and you can easily find many colors to suit your style, if you choose from the online portals.

With the redesigned action clip, the Misfit shine 2 can be your best friend: If you have been worries about the old-fashioned wrist bands clinging on to your wrist, then you can try this one, among the best fitness trackers of 2016. If you are eager to buy fitness wristbands online, then the Misfit shine 2 gives you enough opportunity to carry on with your swimming sports and under-water activities with the Smartphone notification and the waterproofing device feature.
There are many brands of fitness trackers that are available online, but you must choose the reputed ones, after considering your prior bodily requirements and the budget that you have.

What To Know Before Buying an Elliptical For Your Home

So here are 5 features you need to examine when buying your elliptical machine:

#1 Stride Length

Stride is the basically the furthest distance between the elliptical pedals. Most stride lengths vary from 14 inches up to 22 inches.

The right stride length will help to more fully work your lower body muscles and give you a more natural feeling ride. A stride that is too short will feel unnatural – almost jumpy – when you pick up the pace.

What’s the proper stride length? That depends on you really. However most people of average height find a stride of 18 to 20 inches to be the most comfortable for them.

Taller people over 6 feet will definitely want to go for a 20 to 22 inch stride.

Some elliptical trainers even offer you adjustable strides. These trainers are great for multiple user households as everyone can choose the perfect stride for them.

Watch out for cheaper elliptical trainers that only give you from 14 – 17 inch strides as most people find these to be too short – and uncomfortable in the long run.

#2 Flywheel

While some manufacturers do not list the weight of the flywheel, many manufacturers are starting to do this on their websites and sales flyers these days.

In general the heavier the flywheel, the smoother feeling the elliptical ride. You’ll find transitioning between resistance levels much easier with a heavier flywheel.

Flywheels vary from 8 pounds up to 48 pounds so you have a wide variety here.

Usually the higher end ellipticals carry the heavier flywheels.A heavier flywheel also helps to anchor the machine for added stability.

#3 Design

There are 2 basic elliptical machine designs these days. The front drive elliptical has the flywheel placed in front of the pedals under the console and moving arm bars.

The rear-drive elliptical places the flywheel behind the foot pedals.

Which design is best?

This is largely a personal preference thing. Some people find that a front drive design gives them more of a climbing elliptical path (which can be great for burning calories).

Whereas the rear drive design gives more of a flatter elliptical path (which is more like a natural running motion). So in the end it comes down to which you prefer.

#4 Console

Consoles are all over the board these days. However there are several features that are always a hit with buyers.

First of all, try to look for a backlit console – as it’s easier to see your workout stats.

Also look for larger console windows which, again, make it easier to read your stats.

Cheaper ellipticals will toggle back and forth between your stats and many people don’t like this – they want to see a constant reading of their calories, time, etc.

Another thing that some manufacturers are adding to consoles are built-in fans to help keep you cool. This is a small thing, but you may find it very convenient during long, hot workouts.

Combine Services and Software to Achieve Superior Bacterial

Leveraging recent developments and reliable third-party services, it is now possible to combine outside services with internal software to achieve superior bacterial comparative analysis results in record time. The key is understanding how to combine the services and software for the fastest and most accurate results.

The first step is understanding what types of services are offered for metagenomics, genomics, and transcriptomics and how they can be utilized. The goal of metagenomics is to characterize what species are present in any given environment can understand their complex interactions. Microbial communities range from very simple to extremely complex and are very diverse across a wide range of habitats. NGS or next-generation sequencing has provided researchers with unprecedented views of microbial diversity. A shotgun metagenomics service is particularly useful because it randomly sequences DNA fragments from sample environments which allows researchers to evaluate the microbial diversity and detect species abundance without the individual assembly of microbial genomes.

Genomics relies on whole genome sequencing to generate the most comprehensive data sets available when evaluating genetic features of an individual organism. It is increasingly common for bacterial comparative analysis to rely on whole genome sequencing to conduct outbreak analysis and the study of pathogenicity and antimicrobial resistance. Finally, transcriptomics has grown reliant on RNA sequencing as an accurate, sensitive, and cost-effective method to discover and profile mRNA transcripts as well as identified novel genes. To achieve this and end to end solution is the ideal option.

The second step is leveraging available software solutions to interpret, manage, and compare data. In the past, bacterial comparative analysis required researchers to either have a programming language expertise or patch together various Excel and text files. With today’s software, it is easier than ever for researchers to glean all the information they need and complete a bacterial comparative analysis via an easy-to-use software interface.

To get the best results from third-party services and in-house software is to select services and software which are inherently compatible. In fact, many of the best third-party services now deliver data through their own suite of point-and-click software solutions. This type of standalone tool gives researchers the power to directly visualize data, run bacterial comparative analysis, and perform secondary analysis. Not only does this save time but also gives researchers more flexibility and a greater data set to work from. For example, the best software solutions include potentially hundreds of thousands of samples in their reference databases.

Alternative Ellipticals To the Bowflex Max Trainer

But are there any alternatives to the Bowflex Max? Well, about a year ago, the answer was no – the Max was pretty unique and kudos to Bowflex for designing such a cool, fat-burning trainer.

But the good news is that now you have options. Other brands have seen the success of Bowflex and come out with their own options to build on the Max’s success. So here are 3 of your options with the benefits to each:

#1 Proform Cardio HIIT Trainer

The Proform Cardio HIIT Trainer is an elliptical that combines a 10 inch vertical stride with a 5 inch horizontal stride for a vertical climbing motion – very similar to what you get with the Max Trainer.

It also gives you upper body arms for whole body training and takes up half the space as a regular elliptical. Plus it comes with a few things you don’t get with the Bowflex trainer – like the option for iFit LIVE (which adds more workouts to your trainer including several HIIT workouts and lets you track your workouts over time).

You also get a built-in console fan to keep you cool and 24 levels of resistance (which is slightly more than the Max Elliptical).

#2 Proform Cardio HIIT Trainer Pro

This is a step up from the Cardio HIIT Trainer above, and my favorite option of all. It combines the same design of the Cardio HIIT Trainer – along with a full color console and built-in, touch screen web browser.

So you can surf the net as you workout, read the latest business news or watch YouTube videos for fun.

It gives you more levels of resistance than the HIIT trainer – so there’s more room to grow as well. There’s also a heavier flywheel for added stability.

Plus it’s actually a few hundred less than the premium Max Trainer model. So it’s a great value.

#3 Sole SC200 Stepper

This is another combo stepper-elliptical traner with upper body arm bars for a whole body workout.

It’s a bit simpler than the HIIT Trainer or the Bowflex Max with a scaled down console and a few less resistance levels than the HIIT trainer.

But it does come with several built-in workouts and a hand grip heart rate monitor to stay in your target fat-burning zone. You also get wheels on the bottom of the stepper to move it to anywhere in your home easily.

So those are 3 similar alternatives to the Bowflex Max Trainer. Each one has its own unique benefits.

Don’t forget however there are now 3 different Max Trainer models staring around $1100 and up – so chances are you may also find a Max Trainer that is right for you if you decide that’s what you want.

How Often Should You Be Changing Your Running Shoes?

Sounds simple enough right? When it comes to running shoes, though, you need to remember you need to get good quality shoes built for the type of activity you are doing. Plus you need to ensure you are changing your shoes often enough, so they are providing the cushioning and support you need.
How often should you be changing your running shoes? Let us go over a few things, so you are aware of the best time to switch to a new pair…

1. Your Running Mileage. The biggest factor determining your running shoe lifespan is how many miles you have traveled. Consider the average pair of running shoes should give you around 300 to 500 miles worth, this can give you a relatively good indication of how long you can go. If you are running an average of 20 miles a week, this should amount to around 15 to 25 week’s worth of usage.

Keeping track of your miles, both those run and walked, is important so you know when your time is up with that pair of running shoes. If you are doing most of these miles on the treadmill, your shoes may look brand new, but keep in mind the padding in them may be anything but new!

2. Your Body Weight. The next factor to think about is your body weight. Generally speaking, the heavier you are, the faster your shoes will wear out. There will be more stress coming down with each step you take, mostly wearing out the padding as you run.

If you are over 150 pounds, you might only get the 300-mile mark with your shoes, while if you are under 150 pounds, you may be closer to the 500-mile mark.

You will need to judge for yourself how your shoes are feeling as you run in them day after day. If you start noticing sore and achy joints, this is a good sign it may be time to change those shoes for a new pair.

3. Where Are You Running? Finally, think about where you are running. Are you running primarily in open areas or are you running in forests and off-road trails? If it is essentially flat ground running you are doing; you may get a little more life out of your shoes compared to if you are running on terrain not as even. The support and stabilization of your shoe will be tested more in those scenarios, thus leading to faster wear and tear.

Keep these points in mind as you go about your workout sessions. Having a good pair of running shoes is vital to your success, so it is essential you do not overlook this critical element.